Our Customer's Stories

Stories of Joy and Happiness from Our Wonderful Customers


"To say I am a little bit excited at what has arrived so swiftly in the post today would be an understatement! Four beautiful letters from Santa Claus, smelling of sugar and spice and all things nice. I know that my little boy and the other children will be so in ore of the presentation, it’s that wonderful it truly could have only come from St. Nic himself. What a sprinkling of Christmas cheer you have brought to four little ones. Thank you so much!"

Laura Martin



"I ordered my letters less than a week ago and they are already here. They are absolutely beautiful, in fact I'd quite like one for myself!
I'd highly recommend this company and there letters, I'm beyond impressed!"

Helen Brian



"I was in search for a letter from Santa after my daughter handed me her Christmas list which she requested be sent to Santa. Having searched the Internet which advertised many letters I found the North Pole Mail Company and after scrolling through I was won over by the old fashioned style (appearing) aged template which brought back fond child hood memories. Myself and my Daughter were thrilled when the letter arrived and I was impressed with the content of the letter and how it was individually personalised (which was completed exactly to my requests). I thought the wax seal was a lovely ornate touch which completed the letter perfectly. I will be requesting letters in the future... or at least for as long as my daughter believes in Santa."

Nikki Mounter



"Well what can I say? My daughter was over the moon that Santa left her a letter. The magic it brings to their faces is priceless. It really helps kick start the magical season that is Christmas. If you have small children I'd recommended these letters. Thank you for making these letters so realistic."

Sammie Deane



"We honestly couldn't have wished for anything better, our daughter loved it and showed it to everybody she possibly could. The smell of it made it so magical and she loved the bells to hang on our Christmas tree. Thank you, for the magical memories your lovely letter created."

Carly Kilcourse



"My five year old absolutely loves his letter from Santa. The look in his face as we read it together, about the big Snowstorms, was just fantastic. The whole package is just magical, and he's going to hang the jingle bells on the tree ready for Christmas Eve!"

Hanna Longsdon



"Thank you for the two letters for my grandchildren. They absolutely adored them and I was so happy with the attention to detail and quality. The smell of the stationary is amazing, beautiful Christmas Spice. Thanks again."

Marg Browen



“I ordered this letter as I felt the concept and personal touch was lovely. I ordered it for my little girl, who is three, with a personal message from Mummy and Daddy that only Santa would know. The letter arrived almost immediately as if from Santa! I ordered on the Sunday and on Tuesday a Christmas smelling letter with the jingle jangle of bells had arrived. Thank you!"

Claire Shingler



“Christmas just gone, me and my partner wanted something extra special and a bit different for our daughter as she was getting to that age where I feared she may have been losing sight of some of the magic of Christmas. When I came across these Santa letters I loved how authentic and realistic they looked and ordered one. When it arrived it’s safe to say my daughter was bowled over by it, and to be honest I was as well. Absolutely gorgeous, magical and amazing.”

Debbie Murrell



“Beautiful letters from Santa, lovingly made and thoughtful. Arrived in a few days smelling all of Christmas and jingling its way through the letter box. My sons absolutely loved them and hung the jingle bells from our Christmas tree ready for Santa to check for on Christmas Eve!” 

Joana Astbury