The Technical Bit - Adult Discretion

Here at the North Pole Mail, we craft letters indicated to be from Father Christmas and sent from the North Pole as part of our product's story. This is to keep with the age-old folkloric tale of Father Christmas at Christmas time for children to admire and enjoy. 

Our letters are created and dispatched from Chester in the UK.

There are others across the internet who label their letters as the "official" Santa Claus letter. We believe that nobody owns Father Christmas and that he is open to everybody to enjoy in their own way; essentially keeping with the true spirit of Christmas. 

Our letters are indeed hand signed, and we use genuine wax seals and stamps. The post mark on our envelopes are entirely fictional and for illustrative purposes only. The personalised envelope will be inserted into a red padded envelope with the North Pole Mail logo on the top left corner and will be addressed to the individual who orders the letter, usually the parent of the recipient, and affixed with a Royal Mail 1st Class stamp. 

All of the customisation information that we collect in order to craft a bespoke letter for your child is confidentially kept on a secure system and will not be shared with anyone outside of the North Pole Mail Company. The information is kept for customer service use until the 26th of December, whereupon it is deleted.